Monday, July 13, 2015

Volupties July 2015 Review

Hey everyone, so I tried out this company called Volupties, they are a service that sends out new underwear every month. This particular one is part of Splendies except they are the plus size option while Splendies carries smaller sizes. Anyway, you get 3 pair each month for 17$ (Splendies option is less but they also offer a "luxe" option for really high end brands) and it is shipped to you in a discrete mailer. One thing I want to point out right now is that on Splendies they offer lots of customization while Volupties has not a single option of customization except to specify a size (1X - 3X).

My packaged arrived to me only 7 days after I opened my account and it was a very small plain bubble envelope. Inside the package everything was wrapped in a tissue paper and folded neatly.

Here is a picture of what I got:

Okay, I liked how all of mine felt and the colors were nice. They didn't send me any cheap-like g-string or thongs so that's a HUGE plus! What I do want to say is that none of these really fit me. I did size up as I normally wear a 1X though in some smaller brands it's a 2X and I read some other reviews that advised to do so. I actually had to contact customer service to make sure I had the correct size when I signed up because my account did something weird, they got back to me in under 24 hours and were really nice.
The panties I got however were sized with one of those "fits 1X-2X" things except for the black pair which was labeled as 2X and almost fit but not quite. My problem with this is that I would have ordered up another size if information like this was posted as I know that brands like this that do the multi sizes always run small. I'm pretty bummed because I really liked these and will hang on to them because I've been working my butt off trying to lose to weigh and hopefully these will fit soon, but it's just kinda lame that things like this were not clear on sign up about their sizing so now I'm stuck with a big bunch of nothing to show for my money.

If you'd like to try your luck, it's worth it if they fit, I really did love the actual items I got even though they don't fit. You can use the code "VOLUPTIES" at checkout to save 5$ of your first month. Let me know what you think in the comments.

*** This was purchased by myself and I am not receiving any incentive for this. All opinions contained within this post are of my own.

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