Friday, July 17, 2015

Ipsy July 2015

Hey everyone, I got my Ipsy bag (monthly beauty subscription where you get 4-5 full size or deluxe sample sized items a month for 10$) about a week ago but I've been super busy at the farm lately so I haven't even had a chance to play around with the items. I was pretty thrilled with what I got for the most part, the only think that was a let down was the fact that I couldn't use the lip balm because of the tree nut ingredient. The thing is is that it isn't even the coconut that's the problem, they put some weird nut that I had to google because it was something I never heard of and I heard some girls having allergic reactions to it so I looked it up and low and behold it's some weird nut that I have never in my life seen in another product. I'm actually kinda upset about that because allergens should be CLEARLY LABELED people! That's super scary when a reaction occurs and it's pretty sad when companies don't put them because they are pretty common. Anyway, I gave the balm away and I haven't had a chance to really use anything other than the tweezers (which are not the best, they were kinda flimsy.)

Seriously though, perfect bag other than the lip balm.

Did you get an Ipsy bag? Tell me what you thought of yours in the comments.

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