Friday, July 17, 2015

Dotfully HAUL!

Dotfully is a FREE makeup site, you can get rid of stuff you don't like for awesome things that you do. It's pretty much a glorified swap site except without the risk of being swaplifted. Recently there was a referral contest with the grand prize being a year subscription to Glossybox and guess who won? I DID!! Thank you to anyone who might be reading this and used my link when they signed up, I have never ever won a contest that required popularity in any form and I was so overjoyed because I have ALWAYS wanted to try Glossybox. I will for sure be putting up a post for every box I get, so excited!

Lets get to what this post is all about though. Dotfully is probably becoming one of my favorite sites, I got rid of some things that didn't work for me and got some points for them and that's not even mentioning the 275 that I got on signing up. I think for this collective haul I only used around 1000!! That's insane because I still have a pretty high balance so expect more posts to come.

Here's a pic!

Remember this was all FREE! I only paid shipping on the individual lots I bout which equaled in total under 30$. Shipping on the site can be done through paypal so that's awesome but what is even better is that any lot you buy is always 3-5$ for shipping depending on weight.

Now I did have a few lots that didn't go through but that's the beautiful thing is that I didn't even have to contact customer service (even though they rock too!) they simply refund shipping if the seller has not shipped out the product within 7 days. All your points are refunded as well. Also, everything I ordered came exactly as described but even if something was wrong, Dotfully will make it right if you contact them because they require sellers to properly list items and insure safe arrival (poorly packaged orders that are damaged are fixed as well!)

On to the fun, here is a list of everything I got. Everything listed is FULL SIZED unless otherwise stated!:

  • Boe beauty fashion nail files (2 pack) 1$
  • Makeup remover wipes pomegranate (10 wipes) 1$
  • Sinful Colors nail polish in Boom Boom 2$
  • NPW nail remover pads in Jasmine (25 pads) 2$
  • So Susan Color Hybrid lip and cheek stain in Marsala 17.50$
  • 5 Disney Frozen chapsticks (4 pictured as my S.O. ran off with the other) 5$
  • NYX eyeliners in gold, lime green, teal, yellow, and aqua shimmer 3.50$ each (x5)
  • City Color lip balms 4$ each (x5)
  • NYX butter lipstick in Hunk 6$
  • Be a Bombshell lipstick in Hollywood 14$
  • Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Red Door Red 25$
  • J Cat wonder lip paint in Mad Splatter 5$
  • Kat Von D everlasting love liquid lipstick in Jeffree 20$
  • Too Faced melted lipstick in Melted Candy 21$
  • IT Cosmetics lipstick in Pure Joy 20$
  • Korres mango butter lipsticks in Nude and Coral 16.50$ (x2)
  • No7 Beautiful Skin Hydration Mask 17$
  • Milani eyeshadows in Caramel Brown and Pitch Black 4.50$ (x2)
  • Jafra Blends perfume in Blackberry Juniper Magnolia No.3 1oz 22$
  • Random bonus samples of perfume and primer that were extras sent to me by super sweet people!
GRAND TOTAL = 258$ !!
So I spent around 30$ for shipping, 1000 points, and got a value of 258$ of stuff I personally picked out because I really wanted it. Totally awesome!

Have you tried Dotfully? Let me know in the comments.

If you would like to try out Dotfully and get 27$ in free points on sign up, use my referral link: Click here!

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