Friday, August 2, 2013

Wet N Wild LE Pop Art "Hard Being the It Girl" Review!

FTC disclaimer: I bought this with my own money. These are my own opinions. I am not being paid or endorsed to do this.

If you would like to check out my overview on the whole collection, you can click HERE!

This is the fourth look and review I will be doing with the Wet N Wild Pop Art Collection. Usually I link my friend around here but she hasn't got hers up yet so I'll update this later. Anyway, The trio I am reviewing now is called "Hard Being the It Girl."

I'm not going to lie, I wasn't too excited about this one because the colors just look washed out and boring, BUT oh well, had to have to whole collection, haha. This trio comes with matte baby pink, a satin sky blue, and a matte sand/creamy beige color. I'll now talk about the colors in that order:

The baby pink color in here is very soft and powdery. I had issues with this color actually showing on me and that's with primer! It made a nice blending color for the blue but I wouldn't wear it alone or use it for anything more then that really.

The sky blue shadow is really to only decent one in this trio. I say decent because I wasn't even really a huge fan of it either. This shadow was very hard to blend evenly because if you blended just a bit too much it would vanish but a bit too little and it's patchy! I tried to apply all of these both with the sponge applicator and a brush and they looked the same. The pigmentation for this one is alright but it is not as dark as the pan when applied, even if you try to build it, the color just looks perma faded!

The last color is the sand/creamy beige. Ugh... This was my least favorite! It is even more powdery and chalky than the baby pink, it shows up patchy even with primer, and this has to be the softest eyeshadow ever! All I did was rub my brush on it and a crack appeared around the top portion of the pan! So uncool! This color was also close to nothing on my skin, I was sad about that because the blue was about the only thing that showed for my look I did using this trio.

Now I will show the picture, all pics are WITH flash and the colors were swatched over bare skin and then applied with primer to my eyes.

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