Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wet N Wild Pop Art LE "I'm Seeing Triples!"

This is my second "look/review" for the new Pop Art collection from Wet N Wild, the one I am going over today is "I'm Seeing Triples!"

You can also check out how this looks on my friend by clicking here!!

This trio comes with a nice satin finish lime green, matte dark blue, and a satin like finish purple/pink. These colors look amazing in the pan, too bad I had so many issues with application! Before I start babbling on, see it for yourself...

The swatches on my hand are without primer while my eyes have primer.

Are we missing something in the pic? Yeah, the purple refused to show no matter what I did it would only show as a sheet wash of pink. Not the happiest! And again, these would only apply with the sponge applicator except for the blue which is amazing!!! Seriously, this blue makes this trio valid, it is super pigmented and looked great after blending. The green just wanted to fade and over blend but it did show mmwell on me so I'll take it. That purple though! That thing is horrible, if that is the color you really wanted then I would not suggest this but the blue and green is pretty legit, the sheer pink also totally faded after a few hours but the other two remained intact after another 10 hour day. The blue can also be applied with a brush and is not as powdery as the other colors I have tried in this collection this far. Check out my haul and overview of all the pop art trios by clicking HERE!!

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