Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wet N Wild Limited Edition Pop Art Collection Overview

I purchased these products on my own and am in no way being compensated for my post.

You should check out my friend who also got the collection and is much quicker at posting than I, by clicking HERE!!

So in case anyone has not been enlightened (for those into drugstore makeup) Wet N Wild came out with an LE collection called "Pop Art." It was REALLY difficult to find these as they were not sent to every store and once the display is gone, THESE ARE GONE! // Side note: I hate that! // Anyway, we happened across these right as we were about to give up after a few weeks of searching and the very last store we went to had them! We both took a whole set which wiped them out :/ we're jerks, it's cool, bro.

Also, if you click that link above, my friend is SUPER obsessive with having perfect and outstanding posts so she put up individual pics of the palettes but I will be including those in my single review posts where I will show a swatch, the palette, and a look I did using it. I have 3 done right now BUT I am doing this on mobile so I will be spreading them out through the next few days :).

Without any more going on and blah blah; have some pics!! (Taken with flash indoors)

The trios are in the order of (from left to right and top to bottom): Hard Being the It Girl, Your 15 Minutes Arn't Up!, Three's a Party, To Muse and Carouse, I'm Seeing Triples!, A Regular At the Factory

There you have it! Looks and swatches will be up in individual posts so look out for them!

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