Monday, July 22, 2013

Opening My Etsy Shop of Custom Nail Polishes!! (and eventually cosmetics, LOL)

Hey everyone! I know I have been so flaky lately and that is because this has been the first summer I have ever had in life where I have NOTHING to do! No work or school, just lounging about. I have also been busy with a project lately and that is what this post is to discuss.

Lately I have gotten hardcore into nail polish. I never had been before because I'm just really fussy about color combinations and I'm horrible at nail art. I then stumbled onto article about frankening, I know right? Total shocker, someone who doesn't know about this. Anyway, reading about it made me look into supplies for home made nail products and other cosmetics. Long story short, I ended up buying an insane amount of items to start a small store which is just a side product of me wanting to make my own nail polishes and cosmetics, haha, I just needed a reason to buy everything!

I named my shop Festive Corpse Cosmetics and well, so far I've only made public the nail polishes that I have been mixing up. I did buy things to make all natural tinted lip balms and eye shadows but I am waiting on putting those up for sale til I get a bit more comfortable with the formula so I fully know the life extent and durability of those products for commercial purposes. I'm trying to perfect the formula in other words.

Let me discuss what I have been doing; I have been mixing up colors of polish I normally don't find available, I have also been working on some glitterbomb top coats. As I said before, I'm picky with colors so I always have a hard time finding things I love AND that last. So far I have tested my nail base for over a month and on average I get about 3-5 days of wear without ANY chipping or wear and with a good amount of household cleaning in that time! The times that my polish wore for the shorter amounts of time was mostly because of cleaning with harsh chemical or extensive yard work. Anyway, I am also always up to making totally custom colors and top coats for anyone for the same price I make my normal polishes, AND I will never ever sell your creation if you do not wish for me too :). My full size is 12mL and is the only size I offer right now but the polish is only 6$ as I'm really just enjoying making these so I don't want to gouge pockets!

I wanted to include some links :)

My Shop FaceBook Page

My Etsy Shop

Now time for some pics :)

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