Monday, July 22, 2013

July Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I wanted to do a quick show and tell about the products I got in my July glambag. I have to say that I am REALLY loving the variety Ipsy has been sending out lately, I also love that we are getting nice mixes of both beauty products and cosmetics. Anyway, onto the bag! (oh and side note; Ipsy is a sample company that is 10$ a month for U.S. and 15$ for Canada, they send 4-5 deluxe and full size products each month! If you are interested in signing up please use my referral link by clicking HERE!)

What I got:

Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof

Bh Cosmetics California Collection Sampler

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush

Benefit Benetint

COOLA Mineral Sunscreen Tinted Moisturizer

My referral bonus prize was Nicole by O.P.I. in Pretty In Plum

Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof: I actually don't have much to say about this product. The scent is the usual salon scent you get in hairspray, when this product dries on your hair it feels a bit stiff and tacky for awhile like a usual hair spray. The odd thing about this is that this is not really meant to be a typical hairspray I think, I just think this is a bit gimmicky to label it as a "humidity resistor" when it is simply a light hold hair spray. I am going to be honest and say I like my Aussie a lot better and it's easier on the bank account.

Bh Cosmetics California Sampler Palette: This included 3 eye shadows, one from each California palette which I have been wanting to get if not for my no buy this summer! Also; side note, my good friend is having a GIVEAWAY on her blog for all 3 palettes right now!! You should go check it out, click HERE As you can see from the swatches above, there was a beautiful royal purple, a light milk chocolate brown, and a golden yellow shadow, all of which I swatched over bare skin w/o primer! I already love Bh Cosmetics so this is a no brainer that I LOVE this sample! The pigmentation is great as well as the wear time.

Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush: With this being the first lip crayon I have ever used, I am going to say that I really liked this sample. The color I got is a very pretty bright pink/orange or "coral" and looks lovely with the tan I have been getting. The Formula is very soft and creamy and to me felt like applying a smooth lipstick. I really like that it is a twist top too! When applied, this lasted about 3 hours with normal wear but vanished after eating :/. It does hydrate your lips and didn't dry them out at all but I wish the formula was a bit different so that the staying power was longer!

Benefit Benetint: Okay! So what is the hype here? I know a lot of ladies who really wanted this sample and I'm at a loss as to why? Maybe it's because I have gotten a lot more color in my face this summer but I REALLY had to layer this on to get some good color going! This also left a bit of a sticky residue. I really enjoy the scent which smells exactly like a fresh cut rose! I just didn't care for using this on my lips because it made them dry and tacky and with a gloss added over, some of the color vanished. For the cheeks this works all right but I prefer a bit more color when I wear a blush though this one does give a very natural rosey pink color to your face.

COOLA Tinted Moisturizer: NGL, I can't give a good review on this because this only lasted for 2 applications! I was not impressed with the super tiny amount in the sample because I was enjoying this but I can't tell how this reacts with my face without at least trying something for a week. Anyway, I was kinda sad when I saw that the color in the tube was much darker than my skin but luckily it blends very nicely, it absorbs really quick and does not leave any weird residue. The scent is really odd, it smells like a mix of oranges and medicine but thankfully it does go away once it is fully rubbed in!

Bonus ref. prize Nicole by O.P.I. in Pretty In Plum: So I actually got two people to sign up under me and got this polish which I was excited to try because it is a stunning royal purple with a slight metallic look. I was kinda let down though, I mean it really is a pretty color but I was not impressed with the formula. My nails seriously took FOREVER to dry! I only did one coat too so I'm not sure what the issue was, maybe it was the humidity but this just did not work for me but I will try it again eventually because as I said, it is a very pretty color!

That's it for me, what did you get?

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