Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ipsy August 2013 SPOILERS!!

So Ipsy is making us wait longer and longer it seems for sneak peeks! It could just be that I am impatient, eh, either/or. As always I will update this as it comes in!

Ahhhh! It is a sample size of the new UD lipstick! !! The only bad part about this is that it is an either or product so some won't get it. :( here is to hoping!

Sneak Peek #1 Pro-lips at your fingertips from start to finish with one of these awesome August Glam Bag items.

We already knew about the sample size UD lipstick, the other is Noya lip balm shown in cherry and vanilla (cupcake).

Sneak Peek #2 Skin perfection is in session with one of these awesome August Glam Bag items!

This is another either or product peek and the products shown are Michael Todd pumpkin mask and the JoJoba Charcoal facial scrub.

Sneak Peek #3 Boost your look from good to glam with this eye-popping item!

This is Pixie Lash Boosting Mascara. I do not know if we will get just black or have the option of getting the 'blackest blue" as well.

Sneak Peek #4 Class is in session with TWO of these amazing items in your August Glam Bag!

In this picture we see Smashbox primer, Nyx blush (though some people on MUT thought of Paula Dorf so this one is iffy), City Looks Stain, possibly another Nailtini polish, Mica eyeshadow, a type of pencil (possibly Chella), and a BB creme that looks almost like the packaging Pacifica BB but it's just a guess right now. I'll update this as items are found.

So it looks like Ipsy is sending out some old products that we have seen before but they did say that they would use Ipsy match to make sure we didn't get a product we have already had before.

Sneak Peek #5 Get ready to learn about what Glamour is all about this August.

This is the bag reveal! That's it of the sneak peeks, we will be getting 5 items! Anyone's thoughts on the bag? I kinda like it but their colors usually look a lot different in person so I'm not sure if I'll like it as much when I get it.

That is it for now, I'll update often! Let me know what you want in the comments below. :)

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