Monday, June 17, 2013

The New Target Beauty Box

YEAH! My Target beauty box FINALLY got to me!! I have been awaiting this for awhile now. If you don't know; Target did away with their free quarterly beauty bags and just did a test launch with 20,000 boxes as a subscription box that is 5$ a month. There is no word yet on if they are going to continue this but I really hope so! We are supposed to get 4-5 deluxe or larger, beauty products each box. Here is what I got:

What I got:

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo sample (foil)

Fekkai Glossing Cream sample (deluxe)

Gillette Venus Olay Razor Pack (full size!)

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream in light sample (foil)

Salley Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (full size)

I did not calculate the actual value of the box since two of the samples were foils, something that kind of irked me when they specifically said 4-5 DELUXE samples, I will never consider foil packs as deluxe samples, sorry. The razor alone is worth the 5$ price of the box and the contents total are around 15$ on value excluding the 3$ off coupon they sent along with the box. They did not charge shipping, it was just 5$ TOTAL. I really like the products, minus the face items as I have not tried them yet. I did not like the nail design as I dislike animal print but I'll use it on my toes sometime.

Overall, I would for sure get this again is they decide to continue to offer these even if it did take a bit over 6 weeks to get to me... I was super let down by how long the shipping took but I guess that is the fault of the company they sent the boxes to to ship out.


  1. That kinda blows that it said it would be 4-5 "deluxe" samples but as you said the razor alone was worth the $5 really so you didn't really lose out.

    1. Yeah, at least the sent useful items to make up for the foils. I just hope they listen to the survey feedback for future ones because I know a lot of people were a bit upset about the deluxe term. It was still a fun suprise at least :)