Monday, June 17, 2013

Tastykake® Kandy Bar Kakes Review

I was given this product to test and review courtesy of Influenster Everything contained within is that of my own opinion of the product.

I got this item in my Spring Fever Voxbox from Influenster. Tastykake is a super delicious treat or can be used as a dessert, the fat kid in me LOVES this, SERIOUSLY, I opened the box and 2.5 seconds later this was demolished and my boyfriend was lucky to get the smallest bite in history.

This is what Influenster had to say:

Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes are light and fluffy chocolate enrobed cakes with a delicious creme filling in a unique kandy bar shape. Available in S'mores, Peppermint, and Peanut Butter. ($4.49 per box) Visit their website here: Click Here!!

What I thought:

I got mine in the S'mores flavor and let me tell you, they seriously taste like S'mores!! GIVE ME ALL OF THESE!! Y/Y? It was kind of bad because I am on a diet right now and I seriously could demolish BOXES of these if I had them on hand. These really are light and fluffy like a cake but they have this delicious gooey center and gram cracker on the bottom which is AMAZING! These truly are tiny cakes, even calorie wise, which is my ONLY complaint. I wish they offered them in a low fat version just because they are so delicious that I don't want to gain a million pounds.

Funny fact is, these stand up to even heat. My voxbox had been in the mailbox all day in the sun and this wasn't melted or gross. I was kind of worried at first but it was perfect and fine! :) Overall, I want these! I REALLY DESPERATELY want to try the Peppermint ones but I can't find them at my local stores! Maybe it's because they are a new product? Either way, I <3 these, minus the calorie count of course, haha.

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