Monday, June 17, 2013

Glitterfiednails Polish Review

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money and am in no way being sponsored or paid to make this post. All opinions are that of my own.

So a week or so ago, the owner of GlitterfiedNails posted on the Ipsy Facebook page with a picture of a custom polish she made that matched the May glambag. It was so super adorable and I thought the colors were perfect for summer so I had to order a bottle. I don't currently use that glambag but it was the colors that just screamed summer!

This is w/ a black base and ONE thick coat of glitter; please pay no attention to my poorly kept nails as I was working with machines all weekend and didn't have a chance to freshly manicure and repaint the black when I got my polish. :/ The glitter top coat is still stunning!

As you can see the black mutes some of the brightness of the teal and orange but my picture does in NO WAY do this polish justice. While you move your hand about in the light, you see all the beautiful colors reflect even though in the picture they look a bit blended, they really stand out and compliment each other perfectly with the black base coat.

This is without a base coat and just ONE thick coat of polish! Again, don't judge! I totally dislike my toenails because they never look proper, lol.

My nails and pics really don't give enough credit to this polish but I have had a million mishaps with my nails recently so just focus on the colors! Haha, anyway, I adore this polish and she has a lot more which are just incredible looking. You can visit her Etsy store by clicking Here!

I have not had this polish on since late Friday night (so 3 full days FILLED with work) and have not had any chipping issues or issues with the glitter flaking off. Along with my order she included files and a handy card with directions on how to remove glitter polish which I have not tried before! Super helpful! I think all of the colors compliment each other well and the ratio of the sizes and colors of glitter were mixed beautifully (if you didn't notice the large array of sizes, shapes, and colors of glitter!) The only recommendation I could give is to maybe name the polish, I know there are many different ones but I think it's more of a personalized touch and adds a bit more appeal to the product as a whole. Formula and content wise, this is comparable to some name brand polishes AND by purchasing from the store you are helping to support a small business! That is always an A+ even more so when you can get CUSTOMIZED products.

Thanks for reading!

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