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April and May Ipsy Glambag Reviews

I haven't been around much lately and I apologize. I have been trying to find a car, fix mine up, went on a vacation to the Michigan U.P., my birthday was yesterday, been catching up on missed seasons of tv shows, and it's my summer vacation. I have a lot of blogs to get caught up and I want to start by getting my reviews up of my April and May Ipsy bags. I have to say; I was getting a bit let down by some bags and this really brought my hopes back up since I am locked into a year with them. Anyway, lets get started!

April Ipsy Bag

Two Cosmetics in Heartache Duo

Not gonna lie; I did not care much for the formula of this shadow. The shadows are powdery and very soft even with my NYX white eye base. The have decent wear time (w/primer) I wore it for 8 hours without much fading or creasing. These are supposed to be the same color except one has shimmer but they are NOT the same! Also, be prepared for fallout :( I wouldn't ever purchase this because the colors are sooo soft and I dislike the formula but I will use this as a highlight. The pic below is taken w/o primer on the left and with primer on the right in sunlight.

Be a Bomshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks

Let m get this out of the way; I don't care if something contains parabens, they are not that bad for you in the incredibly low doses that are present in makeup. With that being said, I love this blush, it is a very shimmery soft pink with golden undertones. This is PERFECT for my skin in the summer! It is VERY pigmented so you have to apply lightly and blend. SERIOUSLY GIRLS, LIGHTLY! The only thing I don't like about this brand isn't anything to do with the quality of the product but the price. Be a Bombshell is a resell company that buys makeup from a large supplier and sells it as their "brand" but I will never in my life pay almost 20$ for makeup made in China, sorrynotsorry. The pic below is under natural light w/o primer.

Sation Nail Polish in Love At First Byte

I didn't do swatches for this, sorry! Anyway, this polish is a nude pink/orange on me, almost a soft salmon color. I actually like the color if only the formula wasn't so thin. I have to put 4 coats to get my nail not to show through! It also takes forever to dry. I tried using a white base under it and it looked horrible so IDK, just not my thing but I will use it for marbling. I didn't have any chips till about 4 1/2 days so it has some good staying power but seriously, this could be used as a gummy top coat if you threw glitter in it, it is just so thin that it's seriously difficult to get an opaque color.

Sexy Healthy Hair Soy Renewal Treatment

UGH! Ipsy, no more hair oil!! I have enough for a few lifetimes! I was actually expecting this to be a creme but no such luck, just another hair oil. This didn't do it for me tbh, there is little to no scent and I typically use hair oil since I have very dry hair but this made my hair feel gross and look very dirty. I am not just mixing it with water to use as a detangler spray for my hair so it gets used but I will never buy this, I'm not sure why it gave me such a different result than my other hair oils but it was bad and I used just a small amount but it wouldn't absorb. :(

So that was my April bag, not the best but I LOVED the blush so it was worth it.

Bag Value:

Two Cosmetics Heartache Duo = 5.50 (Full sized!)

Be a Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks = 16.00 (Full Sized!)

Sation Nail Polish in Love At First Byte = 5.00 (Full sized!)

Sexy Hair Soy Renewal = 4.99 (Travel sized)

Total = 31.49$

May Glambag

So Ipsy FINALLY started using our quiz results for bag products and I really enjoyed the switch up. I think it is fun to see what you get, even if you know the possibilities it is super fun not knowing exactly what you get. On top of everything, Ipsy had some KILLER products this month AND I got the bonus Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow! I was so happy when I got the email. :) I think this is legit the best one I have got from them, I liked all of my products!

Zoya Nail Polish in Blu

No swatches, sorry! I have never tried a Zoya polish before though I have heard a lot about them and know they have a cult following. I was so happy that we got ones from their recent spring collection and I got the one color I wanted! It is a pale, pastel, blue, there are no sparkles or anything in this so I <3 it so much more! The formula is supposed to be good for your nails in that it doesn't contain harsh chemicals like others but I noticed as to how this effected the polish is that it made it rather thick and it would streak easily when I used my base coat. I mixed a few drops of acetone in mine and it works much better now. The dry time is average and the wear time is awesome! 7 whole days without a chip! Man, that's a record! I will for sure be willing to buy some more Zoya in the future.

Yaby Concealer in Buff (pic will be below the next item as I combined photos!)

Gotta say, I'm not a concealer girl, I have a lot of scars on my face so I find it a lost cause so I have been using this as a under eye thing and it's alright. The formula is a bit greasy feeling but it does set once applied and it wears for about 4-5 hours. Ipsy sent me a wrong shade as I'm listed as fair skinned but luckily I decided to tan this summer and it's a close match now. I noticed that this has a hint of a yellow undertone as well but yet again, lucky me, not sure how it worked out but formulas for yellow undertones actually work for me when it comes to skin care so that is awesome! Maybe Ipsy sent the right one and they are just mind readers? Haha, anyway, I would like to purchase Yaby products but it is a Canadian company so shipping to the states is a bit in the extreme and not worth it to me. I love the idea of the refill pans because I actually have things to put them in and it is much better than carrying bulking packaging.

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink

I think this is my favorite product of my normal items this month! The formula is non sticky, a bit on the thin side, all natural, and just amazing in general. It smells of oranges and it has a very sheer color to it with a good amount of sparkle! The color is a darker pink with golden/pink shimmer, almost a dusty rose color. It absorbs really quick but if you have dry lips you may want to use a balm underneath as it's not very hydrating. The pic below is of the Yaby concealer and this gloss under natural light w/o flash.

NuMe Finishing Serum

And another hair oil! XD I can't escape them! I do have to say that this one is nice though, it has a gooey texture and feels really weird and silicone like but once to put a light layers over your hair it's amazing! My hair felt so soft and looked great, it was reflective w/o looking oily and it didn't weigh my hair down at all.

Pacifica Crush Pearl Coconut Body Butter

I was happy with this, I really wanted it so it was pro to get almost everything I wanted this bag. The smell is seriously like busting open a coconut on a hot day; dreamy as hell! It has a pretty shimmery with micro fine flakes so it makes you look like you are glowing outside! I wish this brand wasn't so pricey but I do love this! It has a thick formula that absorbs quick, it has a bit of a greasy feel but it fades after a few minutes.

BONUS ITEM: Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Glam Rock

I won this item from a contest Ipsy had on their FB page and I was excited since I wanted to try it before I bought some. This is supposed to be almost like a foil shadow; it works best when wet or you can use it dry as a more sheer high intensity sparkle shadow. When I say sparkle I mean HOLYCRAPSOMUCHSPARKLE!!! I love using it as a highlight on my crease color because this packs a hit and just melts beautifully into other shadows. When applied wet this looks like you stuck foil on your eyes! My color is a beautiful pink with golden/white shimmer, the pink is a true pink color, a bit on the dark side but when applied it lightens up a bit. The photo below is taken under natural light w/o flash, the left is wet and the right is dry, NO PRIMER WAS USED!

Bag Total:

Zoya Nail Polish in Blu = 8.00 (Full Sized!)

Yaby Concealer Refill in Buff = 4.85 (Full Sized!)

Juice Beauty Gloss Reflecting Gloss in Pink = 15.00 (Full Sized!)

Nume Finishing Serum = About 3.00 (couldn't find reliable source :( ) (Travel Sized)

Pacifica Crush Pearl Coconut Body Butter = 7.00 (Travel Sized)

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Glam Rock = 20.00 (Full Sized!!)

Bag Total = 57.85!!!!

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that is 10$ a month. Each month they promise 4-5 deluxe to full size samples. They tend to go more towards makeup and I have never once gotten a stupid foil pack sample from them. All of their samples have been very generous sizes and I LOVE my subscription! If you would like to sign up, I would be overjoyed if you used my reff. link! -> Click Here!

Thank you for reading and if you are already a sub. leave me a comment letting me know what you thought!

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