Thursday, March 14, 2013

March Ipsy Glambag 2013 Review

I got my glambag for this month and I'm finally getting up my review even though I have already used all of my products a few times and I meant to do this earlier lol.

Anyway, a lot of people were not the happiest with this bag and I can understand but I wouldn't say it's terrible or anything. This bag feels like they kind of threw things together and didn't really have strong backing for this month. I'm not really overjoyed but I'm also not upset because I will and have used all of the products. I think I might just be getting a bit tired of eyeshadow, and come on, makeup wipes? That's not really anything new or innovative. Ah well, anyhow I will now list the contents.

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist 1oz = 3.26$

La Fresh travel-lite Makeup Remover Wipes 8ct. = 1.50$

GlamRX Freestyle palette Ipsy exclusive but it is basically their kit w/o filling I'll go half price = 8.99$

Yaby Eyeshadow singles x2 = 6.30$

And as always, one adorable bag.

Total = 20.05$

The Juice Beauty Hydrating Spray is alright, I think it has an overly powerful smell, it is not the easiest to use either because it BURNS LIKE DEATH if it touches your eyes and it makes my lips go numb plus it's just super hard to NOT hit my eyes and lips unless I rub it on my face. IDK, not the biggest fan and it has an odd offsetting tacky, sticky feeling when it dries. I'll probably just keep it with me at the gym since I shower right after anyway. Ah well, at least I know not to buy this product, I prefer regular moisturizers. The one big plus is that it is organic and doesn't have a lethal dose of chemical goodness that most brands like to chuck in everything. Eh...

The LA Fresh Wipes was the one item that I was a bit unhappy with, I honestly don't care what a company says, my 5$ for 80 wipes work just as well as these. I do not like the "moisturizing" feel it leaves behind as my skin felt like I had just walked into a humid swamp, it was greasy, sticky, smelly, and just overall not the best thing around. It did do it's job and get my makeup off, mostly, it dissolved my lash glue but it did not remove my gel liner very well. This was another product that burnt my lips like something fierce except it says it can be used to remove lipstick... Nope, not for me.

The GlamRX palette is decent. I'm not fond of the weird RX part or the hospital like look but maybe I'm in the minority? I do like what it is used for, it seems to work really nicely and I love that it is so small because I have been using mine to throw lashes, glue, eyeshadow, and whatever else I have that's small on me. Pretty hand and it has a mirror so yeah, this kind of made the bag worth it to me this month.

I was most excited about the Yaby shadows this month! I got the shades of So Vein and Sand Dune. A LOT of people said these were not very good but I think they just need to press a bit more on the product as it is pressed very firm! I've worn mine a few times and they are gorgeous! So Vein is a beautiful aquamarine, it's a perfect balance of blue and green and reminds me of the sea! <3 Sand Dune is a light tan, they got the name right because the best way I can explain this is that it looks like sand! It does have a yellow undertone on my skin. You can see pics right below. :) I found it best to use a white primer for So Vein as it really makes this shadow Beautiful!

That's the bag! I thought the actual bag this month was a nice change to finally get a print and I like the thin material because it's WASHABLE! I can also fold it up to store it when not in use. P.S. The swatches are done with NO primer.


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