Friday, February 15, 2013

Glade Expressions Bzzagent Review

I got these products for free from Bzzagent These are my own opinions about the products.

I was invited to join the Bzzagent campaign for the new Glade Expressions line; I got one spray and one oil diffuser for free!! I picked both up in the pineapple mangosteen scent.

The spray is really nice, the bottle has a new design to it where you just squeeze the handle instead of having to push a top nob which can be a hassle if it ever breaks off or if you have nails and it tends to spray some of it under your nail. I actually love the new design because it's also easy to disinfect (because if you put it in the bathroom everyone touches it!) AND it is refillable!! You just unscrew the bottom and pop in another can! The scent is delicious smelling, I'm a sucker for food scents, they nailed this one because it seriously smells like you are slicing open a juicy pineapple! I don't smell much of the mangosteen, I wouldn't even know what mangosteen smells like, I'm just assuming it's similar to regular mango. The only draw back this spray has is that it tends to mix with odors rather than eliminating them or covering them, I tried using this in the house after I fried some garlic and I was left with a garlic/pineapple smell after the first wave of pineapple was gone. I have been using this as a all over spray for after I am done cleaning the place because combined with the oil diffuser and it is incredible! The scent actually stays around for a good while.

The oil diffuser is my favorite of the two; mine came with a small wood container with a black plastic bottom. I suppose it is lucky that we already had wood decor to match or otherwise it might look a bit out of place. I live in a small one bedroom home and I have to say, this oil diffuser travels throughout the whole place! Every time I walk in the door I am greeted by a warm tropical welcome, it even overpowers the cat smell (that's a serious accomplishment, my cat is a tubby butt that stinks up the whole place one sleeping spot at a time!) I've been keeping my eye on the oil level and it looks like it will last a good while, I'm going to guess around a month. The only thing I did not like is the paper insert; the little stand that the oil absorbs on. I wish they would have other options of colors because the sheet does not really perfectly fit the canister and it looks a bit tacky it you view it from the side. Maybe if they included an insert that matched the color of the canister it would be better, I just personally do not like the white background on it.

All in all I am really impressed with the products, I LOVE this scent, seriously, Glade needs to forever make this! I will post the prices for everything as well, mind you, these are the prices I found but they might be different from store to store!:

2.98$ for the spray, I cannot find the price for the refill though :(
5.98$ for the oil diffuser starter kit
3.48$ for the oil refills

They come in different scent btw! Fiju apple cinnamon, Pineapple mangosteen, and Lavender and juniper berry. It also looks like the spray comes in Cotton and Italian mandrin but I do not see an oil diffuser for it (I'm browsing the walmart online store, I picked up mine at walmart incase anyone is wondering where I'm getting the prices.)


  1. Do to the wonderful reviews I have been reading about the Glade Expression I bought the oil diffuser and spray. They do smell wonderful and the scent lasts! They are awesome!

    1. Glad you liked it! I love mine, I keep it close to the kitty litter because while my cat is adorable, he seriously stinks up the house lol Glad I got the chance to try these because I'm horribly skeptical about air fresheners mostly because of the price and I've had a lot of duds so I'm in love with my oil diffuser! What kind did you like?