Monday, January 14, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque Influenster Holiday Voxbox

What the card says- Montagne Jeunesse face masques have been a part of many girl's lives since way back when. With a huge array to choose from these face masques are jam packed with the most delicious natural ingredients and are bursting with luscious juicy fragrances.
Montagne Jeunesse beauty treats are free of parabens, vegetarian approved and never tested on animals.
My thoughts- I got the Clean-Up Mud, it's supposed to be for acne prone skin which I do have, unfortunately. I used this too relax one night, I like that the package totally has enough for more than one application! I didn't notice any harsh smell either, out of anything it surprisingly had a slightly fruity smell but very faint, which is good because I don't want perfume on my face! Anyway, I left it on for 10 minutes because the edges started to flake on me a little and I didn't want to make a mess. My skin is normally very red because of all of my break outs and it typically gets REALLY oily during the day, when I removed the mask my redness was for sure reduced and my face felt like it was breathing. I can't say that I could visually notice a difference because I just have a lot of red bumps and scars but my skin did feel a lot softer and cleaner, it also felt nice and cool like when you use pore strips! For the price, I will totally try a few more of these when I head to Ulta next!

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