Friday, January 18, 2013

January Ipsy Glambag Review w/ Prices!!

I got my glambag today!! If anyone is wondering how they can get one too, go to and sign up! It's only available in U.S. and Canada right now.

What I got:
Nailtini in Bloody Mary - Full size - 6$
Big Sexy Hair Spray And Play - travel size - 2.63$
Pacifica Blood Orange Body Butter - travel size - 7.00$
Josie Maran Argan Oil - .17oz - 4.76$
SOHO Crease Brush - 8.99$

Bag Total = 29.38$ Reviews:
Nailtini Bloody Mary I actually love this color, I used a matte coat and crackle polish over, it looks incredible. It is a true red, incredibly close to blood red, I will be posting the nails I did with this and will link it here shortly.
Big Sexy Hair I did not use this on my hair, I never use styling products because my hair is so fine and it just makes it gross. I did however use this to dry my nails and it worked like a charm. I was not impressed that it was so sticky though, seriously sticky, my fingers felt like they had glue on.
Pacifica Blood Orange Body Butter I keep this in my purse for school, I walk outside a lot on campus and the winter weather really does a number on my hands and arms. I love the smell of this stuff, then again I love blood oranges. This works really well too, it isn't super greasy although it did leave a little slip to my hands, it wasn't bad and it just smells so delicious that I don't care about that at all. The price is kind of high for such a small bottle though, if I see it on sale I'll totally pick some up.
Josie Maran Argan Oil I've been using this as a nightly moisturizer, I have a seriously bad acne problem but I figured I'd try it out and I was shocked to find that it didn't break me out one bit. I can't find a smell to the oil, it absorbs really quick and my face didn't feel oily after, it just felt super soft and delightful. I will be getting some more of this once my current night mask is gone, I only have to use like 3 drops and it works like a charm. My face is so hydrated and nice in the morning when normally it is dry and flaky.
Soho Crease Brush Eh... I don't think this is a very good crease brush, it's too flimsy to really pick up a lot of product, I think it works great as a blending brush though. I just nipped the pointed bit off of it and it has since been my blending brush. I tried using it just for my crease but it wasn't having the easiest time picking up product though that could have been that weird tip it had on it, maybe it was a defect but it's worked a MILLION times better since I did that. I love the handle, it makes it super easy to use and hold onto and I use the plastic point to do little dot designs with my cream shadows.
I really liked this bag, maybe not as much as the makeup ones but I loved the switch this month and getting the skin care was really nice this time of year. I really like getting tools too, like the brush, I actually think it's a very nice one just not what it was meant for. I'm so glad that I got my year sub. now. :) Let me know what you thought about your bags below...

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  1. Nailtini actually retails for $13.

    1. And travel size Big Sexy Hair is almost $8 on and the travel size Josie Maran is $14 on the website. The bag is actually worth almost $50.

    2. I went to their site and looked up this specific color, it says 6. View it for yourself.

    3. Also, if you read the bottle of oil, we DO NOT have the size that is listed as 14 on the website. The 14 dollar one is a .5, we got a .17 so I calculated the actual worth. As far as the big sexy hair, I did the same thing. I took the actual companies price and calculated the worth based on full size, I don't EVER use amazon prices as they are misleading since multiple listings are up of almost everything and people frequently do sale prices or whatever else.