Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hiding in Sunshine Influenster Holiday Voxbox BONUS

I got the following item from Http:// to read and give my review. Everything is my own opinion.

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I got Hiding In Sunshine to give a read as a bonus task from Influenster as part of the Holiday voxbox. This is what the Influenster site says :

Hiding in Sunshine is the work of a father and daughter duo who reside in the immediate area where these fictional events transpire. John Stuart is a successful high tech entrepreneur. Caitlin Stuart is a student and an aspiring writer with a lifelong love of reading and telling stories. This is their first co-authored novel -- and is proof that a teenager and her dad can indeed collaborate amicably and productively!

I finished this book a few weeks ago and decided to sum up my thoughts on it. I thought the start was alright, it was a bit slow but it did help to fully develop the characters for the reader. I didn't like that later it kept emphasizing different traits of a character, as if we had forgotten a million times over. Other than that, once the book g
ot into the actual story, it was really fast paced when it came to throwing things at you and it totally made it so I wanted to read it non-stop. I didn't like that they seemed so jumpy though, they really gave a poor time outline as the story progressed and there were parts where I thought it might have been a few months and they'd FINALLY make a mention that it's been YEARS since the last move! I REALLY didn't like that! It was so hard to follow the time frame but the story itself was fine. I just like to imagine the characters so I'm thinking "oh hey! the girls are still young and the parents are mid-ageish, then bam! The oldest girl is in her teens?!"

I Thought the story line they used was nice because it is something that could really take place, it's not totally fictional. I wasn't the biggest fan of the ending either but I did like the direction they took and the twist was awesome but it was poorly executed. I kind of felt like they did such an amazing job with the plot and the actual story part of everything and then when they got to the ending, they didn't know what to do and just kind of dumped some things together. I feel like it was really rushed and not well thought out.

The book as a whole, I thought was very interesting, if you ignore the ending. It's actually a great story, I really didn't ever want to put it down and I would for sure recommend giving it a read! 


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  2. I love reading so I like to read book reviews like this! I do like the way that you have been critical about the book, as well as highlighting it's positive points :)