Monday, December 31, 2012

SKIN79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Cream Triple Function ( Pink Label ) REVIEW!!

Disclaimer! I bought this with my own money and am not compensated for my review, everything within is my own opinion! 

Before - I have a lot of scars/redness/dry skin!

Closer image of AFTER in my worst area!

With all of my make up done! The peachy color is blush!

I got my Skin79 BB creme!! I was so excited to try out a non-western brand because I heard that some of the Asian BB cremes are WAY different and much more than a tinted moisturizer. This also contains ingredients for sebum control, that is a HUGE plus for me because MAN! My skin gets freakin' oily! I actually have a big problem with cystic acne, it's finally starting to clear up now that I have found products that work for me but it still has left a lot of scars and it doesn't take much to get it to flare up again.
I was really worried about buying this through Amazon because I heard that there are a lot of fakes going around and the thought scared the crap out of me but this one seller was having a sale AND they offered a double refund if the product was found to be an imitation, that and they had amazing feedback! The seller I used is neverprice, they ship fron NJ so I got my order super quick and it came with the original box! I checked many sources online and found the size dimensions and different things to look for in packaging to tell if it is authentic and after measuring and comparing, I am positive that this is genuine!

ANYWAY! I love the feel of this product! Holy crap, I was amazed! It comes out and it's medium thickness and super creamy! It's an ashy beige color and would suit someone with pale skin the best though it can blend into other skin tones (I tried it on my relatively tan arm!) But you cannot use as much! I was worried at first that the color would just look terrible on me because it was so grey looking but it looked beautiful when blended out and it still gave away a pink hue from my skin and just looked delightful! This is also build-able and you can use foundation over it!

As you can tell from my pic, I have incredibly flaky, red, blotchy, scar covered skin and after applying I started noticing a difference immediately! It's hydrating and might feel a little oily at first but when it dries, it has a soft satin like finish that feels very natural and breathable. I honestly can't tell that it's there now and it feels as light as my normal moisturizer! It appears to have a very minute shimmer to it, like I can't see it on my face but I could see it slightly when I tested it on my hand. I did not have any flaky skin after application, it blurred my scars, a lot you can't even see after! AND it took away almost every trace of redness and hid my pores! I could not have been more pleased! I have had no issue with oil on my face during the day and I have not needed to touch anything up. Not only does it make my skin look incredible but it also has many benefits  something a LOT of the Western brands do not really offer!

This formula has SPF 25, it helps reduce wrinkles over time and improve the general elasticity of skin with repeated use, it whitens which means it helps correct dark spots and acne scars, and it also has a HUGE amount of natural extracts that are used in many top skin care brands to help promote these things naturally! I will update my blog in a month to fully test how well this works!

So far I am BEYOND happy with this and will try a few different items from this brand to see how they compare. I will also be doing a versus blog where I will test out a few Western BB creme and compare them against Asian BB cremes! I just want to collect a few more so I have a nice variety!

If you have any concerns that your product might not be genuine, leave me a comment and I will try to help you figure it out! I can also link you to all the pages where measurements and labels were posted! Don't forget that Skin79 constantly changes their packaging to help reduce fakes, mine was made less than 5 months ago so I can help you with a current image or information if needed!
Thanks for stopping by! :)

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