Sunday, December 16, 2012

November 2012 Beauty Army Review

This is so late because I get my box at the tail end of the month and I just got over the finals hump at school so I finally got time to get this done! BTW: Everything is my own opinion and purchased with my own money.

What I got:

Ineke Hothouse Flower Perfume:
 Okay, so the scent lasts a very long time, I used this all last week and my coat STILL smells like it even though my cats sleep on it lol. The smell is a very floral scent with no sweet tones to it. I almost want to compare this to a stiff smell such as "new car", it just smells clean and crisp. I liked the sample although it was pretty small (normal small sample vial) I was slightly disappointed that they were also just giving them away on their website though. The full size is pushing the 100$ mark, I don't think I will purchase this as I find that to be a pretty absurd price for perfume, even my normal that I wear is hitting the 70$ mark and I find that steep but 100? Nah, I gotta say I'll pass, it was nice, but not phenomenal.

Whip Hand Loose Eye shadow: I got this because I am a make up junkie, I seriously hoard the stuff! I was excited that it was an exclusive color for beauty army and it's a neutral brown so I could easily use it. I put a bit on the back of my hand and used this, it went on much lighter than what I was expecting even with primer, it was a really pretty iridescent soft brown though, it looked really pretty for natural looks. The shimmer was not over powerful or anything, I only wish it was more pigmented as I had to really layer it on the get a deep brown color.

Nelson J. Argan Oil Non-Foaming Shampoo: This was my favorite out of the whole box! At first I thought it smelled like a peppermint foot scrub and I was kinda put off on it but after I got it through my hair, it had this pleasant cooling feel to it. I could easily brush my hair in the shower with this in. My hair felt incredible and so did my scalp! Once my hair was dry, the smell faded to a very delightful peppermint smell that wasn't obnoxious or horribly strong. I am thinking about getting this for Christmas!

Suntegrity 5 in 1 Moisturizer: I was not the happiest person when I found out this was NOT a BB creme and was a tinted moisturizer, there really is a difference! I was expecting this to be a light shade because I selected light in my window and the tube said light but it was most certainly not light and orange in color! I am not tan :( I am just incredibly pale! I was really disappointed with this product and wanted to like it but it felt greasy on my skin and so thick when I applied it. I was most positively not a fan. I think this company should label their "light" as a "light orange" because that wasn't even close to a ballpark of my color.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque: I already loved this brand from the oil I got in my last box and this did not fall short at all! The smell was amazing! It made my hair so soft without weighing it down, I could easily work a brush through my hair, and the smell lasted for the whole two days in between shampoos! I adore this brand!

Skyn Iceland Cooling Eye Gels: Eh... I had a problem with puffy eyes in the morning, like REALLY bad, and once they are not puffy they sink in and look crappy anyway. I got these and tried them, I read a lot of people felt this cooling sensation and I did not, it just felt cold for like 10 seconds until my skin got the gel warm. I left these on for the amount of time the package said and... Nothing... No change, my skin just felt weird when I peeled them off. I did not notice any difference in my appearance around my eyes at all. They were still puffy and still got puffy the next day even though the package says you only need it ever so often. Oh well, guess that's why I got a sample lol, better than flat out buying a box and finding that out!

My next box is going to be on it's way next week! I got some mega awesome products so I can't wait! If you want to sign up for a service to actually get to pick your samples go here :
You get to pick 6 a month for 12$!!

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