Wednesday, December 12, 2012

*UPDATED!! Glambag REVIEW December 2012

My review is under the product list below!! Thanks!!

After hunting down my mail carrier and going through the WORST ordeal to get my bag EVER which was NOT Ipsy's fault but USPS! I finally got my December bag. I had to literally drive to two separate offices since it was scheduled for delivery but did not show with my mail and I started panicking because I stayed home just for this, I finally found my package just chillin' at the post office because apparently they "forgot it", wtf?!

At least I got it now and I am loving every single thing I see! I can't believe how amazing this bag is! I am going to list all of the items AND the price so you know how amazing this bag really is this month. Mind you, this is a 10$ subscription you get every month and it's all beauty related items which so far I have only gotten make up which is incredible! You also get a cute bag with it!!


Mirabella Primer Full size = 29$ (That's insane! I'm so happy!)
NYX Loose Pearl Shadow in Charcoal Full size = 3$ (I love NYX and already own a bunch! <3)
Be A Bombshell Lipgloss in Hot Mess Full size = 14$ (Never tried but it looks pretty!)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero .8g = 12.50$ (I just ran out, I love this stuff!)
Mai Couture Highlighting Sheets 25sheets = 12$ (I'm super excited to try these!)

BONUS ITEM:I got a bonus item for being an active member of the Ipsy community, I get to try the Urban Decay Naked Beauty Balm before it even goes on sale!! I am so geeked out it because I love UD! I will be doing a video and showing how well it works when I do my reviews for everything! I did not include the price because it is not on sale yet and was an extra item!


I got a super cute pewter makeup bag and the total contents are worth... 70.50$ !!!!

I purchased this bag with my own money, any opinions expressed are of my own.


Mirabella Primer: I normally use smashbox primer and I got to say that this is cheaper and works just as well! I really like the formula and it went on very easy and blended out easily. I didn't have to use very much at all. It has an odd scent to it but I suspect that's from the silica in it and the smell does not stay once it's applied. This also worked great as an eye primer and did not get gross and greasy through the day! Quite a fan of this product actually.

NYX Loose Pearl Shadow in Charcoal Pearl: My color is a very nice shimmery steel color. It was nicely pigmented as I've found most NYX products to be. The formula easily blends without loosing a lot of color and I did not get a lot of fall out when I used the cap to get my shadow from. I thought this shadow in particular was really nice because in certain lights it has a more grey tone and in the light it looks similar to aluminum! I love the stuff! The only thing I don't like is the weird small opening for the powder because you are only left with the option to pour a bit out to use it and that can get kind of messy.

Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in Hot Mess: I was hesitant about the color because red looks terrible on me, this you can easily blend into a softer pink color with the help of some extra lip gloss. I did not like the plastic like smell to the product and felt like it made the product seem cheap because they didn't bother to mask the chemical scent. The formula isn't bad, it's not super greasy or sticky BUT it does get tacky when it dries after a few hours so you will need to reapply through out the day. I also had a few issues with the inner part losing color a lot faster than the outer area so I'd have uneven color. This also stained my lips a bit, it's not bad and you can't tell it too much on me because I have really pink lips already but I could for sure see the red tint to them after I washed it off.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero: I already own and love this liner! It stays on most of my day with little travel and it's mega dark! It glides on so super easy, even for my water lines, and seriously will stay 24 hours if you SET it with a black shadow, otherwise it lasts me about 8 hours. I have no negatives about this product, I already loved the hell out of it!

Mai Couture Highlighting Sheets: Okay, these could NOT be used as highlighter sheets on me, no way, I am much too pale for them. I think this could be a highlighter for someone that's really orange, like Snookie? Anyway, I used them as a blush instead and LOVE them! I seriously love the color, I know a lot of people said that were really orange but it was a nice toasty pink with orange undertones on me and it looked incredible! I only used a 1/3 of a sheet for it as well so this will last me a good long while. There is a LOT of product on each sheet and if you are only going to use it on a few spots I'd really suggest just ripping a half sheet out as I had plenty enough on mine to add to all of my face I normally apply a blush. I was pretty impressed by this product and might look into getting it in the future when I run out of blush.

I will not be reviewing my BB creme on this post, I will be making a video for it this week and put it in a separate post, got kind of behind because of finals and graduation! 


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    1. Me too! I just started with the last bag and it's been amazing, I'm upgrading my sub. to a year actually! :)

  2. I just got my first bag yesterday and I loved it! I'm already looking forward to the next one! Please read my post about my first glam bag:

    1. I checked it out, I hate waiting for the sneak peeks lol I just want it now!! Ugh, I should try telling my fav. Brands to hook up with ipsy!!

    2. haha I thought the same after Elf tweeted me back with their news! That would be so cool to be able to get more products from brands that we love as well!