Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beauty Army October Box Review

So I got into the whole kick of things where I NEED these subscription boxes because I always want to try new things but HATE just outright buying them because you never know what you are going to like and then, depending on where you buy the product from, most of the time you can't return items you don't like. This is why I subscribed to Beauty Army ( What I really enjoy about this service is that I get to pick my own samples every month OR I can just get a surprise :) You get to choose 6 total and can retake the quiz however many times to see 9 new choices to choose from! I love it so far.

I am doing this review really late because I didn't get my box for a good 3 weeks after I ordered it, this was NOT due to Beauty Army at all, the post office actually lost my first package and the amazing customer service at BA sent me another one which was amazing!

What I got:
Bath and Body Works shower gel in Sweet Pea
LashEM lash growth serum
Macadamia Natural Oil
Fiafini moisturizer
YoungBlood mineral primer
Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder 

Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Sweet Pea
Sample value - 5$ 
So who doesn't honestly like B&BW? I love most of their products and a good number of their scents! I've never tried Sweet Pea and know it's popular so I figured I'd give it a shot. The gel is really thick and lasts a good amount of time so it's well worth the money, my skin always felt really soft and stayed nice and fragrant all day. My only problem was that I was not a huge fan of the super sweet smell, I know, that's nothing bad on the product it's just my personal opinion. I like more earthy scents or food scents, not so much floral. I already do buy B&BW products when they have sales going so I know I'll be using them again just probably not this scent, I think I'll stick with the Japanese Cherry Blossom.

LashEM Lash growth serum
Sample value - 69$
I got a full size of this to try! I was so excited and it's why I signed up for the subscription box to begin with! I love trying products for my lashes because I have very uneven growth and am pretty embarrassed about my lashes when I don't wear false ones. I'm always hoping to find the perfect product to get my lashes thick and beautiful, unfortunately I was not SUPER wowed by this. I have been using this everyday for about 3 weeks and I can see some difference but it's not incredible difference. I would think for such a high price tag that it would just be phenomenal when I used it but it works on par with some less expensive brands I have used such as Physicians Formula. Maybe it worked better for some other people but I think my problem is that my lashes are already long except for my short patches that I was hoping it would fix but it just didn't quite get em' there. I'll keep using this and update it later if I notice more growth .

Macadamia Natural Oil
Sample value - 13.50$
This is the product I was the happiest with! I cannot get over how amazing this smells and makes my hair feel! It has a slight spicy scent to it and it left my hair feeling so soft it was incredible! I had less breakage when I brushed my hair after using this as well. I REALLY wanted to repurchase this with one of my discount codes but they have been sold out forever! You don't need very much of this at all though, I use a dime size amount and my hair is mid back length. I still have some of my sample left, I just want more lol. The bottle that this comes in is also super cute! It's a small glass bottle and it has some of the prettiest artwork on it! So on top of smelling and working perfectly, they had to make it packaging cute as well! Can't wait to try the hair mask I'm getting in this months box =D

Fiafini facial moisturizer
Sample value - Foil pack
This is an item that I selected because I was having issue not getting multiple moisturizers to show up in my selection window, I can't use many products at all because of my skin condition. I have very bad cystic acne that easily flares up so I'm always very reluctant to try facial products out when I don't know much about them. This was no different, I used this one night and have a bad reaction and my face was sore and broke out the next day which made me sad because I could feel it working when I put it on (it has ingredients for anti-again that make your skin feel like it's plumping up!) I loved the feel of this on my face just unfortunately my face did not love it back :( I think others should try this out because I could legit feel it working and it absorbed very nicely and was non-greasy but if you have an acne issue I would not recommend this.

YoungBlood mineral primer
Sample value - 4$
I like using mineral primers, not under make up but just in general because it helps make my skin look better since I cannot wear many facial products without having bad reactions. I liked the texture, it felt very silicon like but when applied it felt like a light powder finish and stayed on all day without making my face oil or break out. This is very comparable to the Smashbox primer which I was previously using.

Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite PowderSample value - 4.50$
I picked this because it said it helps control oil buildup and is a setting powder, I just got excited over the oil control! I can't say that I found this product to be very useful as my skin was just as oily as without using this product, maybe I needed to apply more? I was not impressed though, my skin looked and felt oily after about 2 hours and the only difference I noticed is that my skin was in protest to having this powder on it. I would not recommend this as I just didn't see what it actually did, I didn't even notice much of a concealing power with this either. 
All in all I was very pleased with this box, I may not have loved every item but I did find out about the macadamia oil which I love to death AND the total value of my box exceeds 96$!!! That's insane since I only paid 12$ for it!! I'm really looking forward to getting my next box which should be in a few days :D 


  1. your blog is really interesting! new follower!

  2. cool review! didn't know beauty army box can let you choose your samples! i've only subscribed to Birchbox- and that i ended, and now i'm trying ipsy! one beauty box at a time, this will definitely be my next choice if i get bored with ipsy =)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I for sure like being able to choose because they offer a lot of full sized samples so it's really easy to get some pretty sweet boxes, they just added more make up and hair products too, I'm considering ordering the box for both of my addresses so I can try everything I want since I want more than my 6 limit lol.
      I was going to sign up for BB but after reading so many horrid reviews I just couldn't :( I really wanted to try them out but I've seen them send way to many one use samples and perfume vials, I get those for free at Ulta and Sephora whenever I shop so that was a total no go! I <3 how Ipsy has been doing the all make up lately, I for sure prefer it over skin care samples, I was pretty amazed with our Nov. bag.