Saturday, October 20, 2012

Schwarzkopf Professionals BC Repair Rescue Review - bride-to-be voxbox Influenster

I received my Repair Rescue line from Influenster ( as part of my bride-to-be voxbox.
I've been using the Repair Rescue line (Shampoo, Conditioner, and split end sealer) for a few weeks now and I absolutely love these products! They smell like typical salon hair care products except for the split end repair that smells like it has a hint of coconut.
I wash my hair every other day because normally it just gets so dry and hay like but when I used these, my hair became so soft and healthy looking! I haven't gotten any split ends and it's been a few weeks since my trim which is something unheard of for me.
 I have very thick hair, I don't dye, use heat, or styling products, my hair is just normally very dry and breaks fairly easy. After using this a few times I noticed that my hair was becoming strong and I had less breakage when I brushed it.
I was so happy with these products that I wanted to go find where I could get them and found that they seem to be a salon only product (from what I can tell by the site) and their store locator has not been working :( I have not seen these at the places I have gone before so I'll just have to wait for the locator to be fixed so I can see how available they are.
 Price wise; the Repair Rescue line runs about the norm. for high end hair care. Each item is around the 20$ range and I think these vary based on what store you go to because I find that some salons really upcharge while some are closer to the suggested retail price.

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