Friday, October 19, 2012

Physicians Formula pH powered Bronzer

 So I received this product as part of a giveaway on the Physicians Formula Facebook giveaway. I believe that this product is relatively new so I was really excited to get it and be able to try it out.
This bronzer is supposed to be pH powered, meaning it adjusts colors based on your body's chemistry. While trying it out I didn't really notice a huge difference in color change but there was a slight one. I got the light bronzer and after it set on my skin for about 2-3 minutes, it turned a bit darker/more golden looking.
 It wasn't a bad change either, it did compliment my skin tone more after it changed. The color is a more beige/yellow than a brown (see last pic) and as you can see I am incredibly pale so I like that they made this light of a shade.
I'll get back to the color in a bit.
As for the packaging, it is quite bulky so it doesn't fit well in my make up bag but the case is very sturdy and has a bottom compartment that you can store items in, as in the pic, it does come with a color co-ordinated brush and the brush itself isn't bad, it's very soft and does work but I prefer full size ones.
 This compact also has a built in light which is incredibly handy. If you don't the bulkyness of the package, you'll always have a very convenient mirror and light for when you go out, at a party, or at a club, it's also go for quick touch ups in your car.
 Back to the color; While I love the color and it looks nice on me, I do not like the amount of shimmer in the product. I didn't apply very much and I had shimmer everywhere! I suspect this might be from the small dots around the edges as they had shimmer covering them so I will see after using it a bit more. I found that the shimmer can also be toned down by applying a slight amount of finishing powder after.
All in all, this is a nice product and it really does change colors, the quality is very good and the case makes a convenient lit mirror for application.
the only negatives is that the product is shimmery and the case is bulky (but very sturdy!)

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