Saturday, October 13, 2012

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer & Blush Review

Disclaimer: I received this product from Physicians Formula through a FB contest. I am not being paid nor am I obligated to do this review and all opinions within are that of my own.

So I won this Happy Booster Glow and Mood boosting Bronzer & Blush in Bronze/Natural from Physicians formula (
First off, I'd like to say that the packaging is cute but bulky, I posted a few pictures on here of all views of the compact. I didn't like that the compact came with a brush because I always used a full brush of my own but I suppose that some people do like this however they could have made the compact smaller so it would be easier to carry without the space for the brush. I do however find that sometime this space is useful for carrying small jewlery and such.

 From my understanding of the product description, the happy booster comes from the scent of the product which has a very light lavender/lilac smell to it. It is very pleasant smelling and my skin didn't have any adverse reaction to the fragrance so that's a plus. The formula of the product itself is also very smooth and easy to apply. It feels very light weight when it's on and it did not cause my skin to become oily through-out the day, I also ended up falling asleep with this on and did not have any break out issues which is amazing.
 I've seen this product in a few different places (walmart, meijer) and it was around 9-12$ so that's not a bad price for the size of the product and the quality (you get 11g.) I've used other Physicians Formula products before but not any of the face products though I do love their liquid eyeliners!

 As you can tell from these last two photos (the top is with flash and the bottom is without flash) the shade that I got is very pale and soft. There is not much shimmer to these which I like because excess shimmer makes my face look greasy so I enjoy finding a product that is just a soft more natural looking product. This product also layers well to get more colorful shades but these swatches are just a once over with out any type of primer. To be honest, I have been using the bronzer as a more sheer all over color with just using a light dusting of it all over and a bit heavier in areas I am contouring.
I like using this as an all over product because it gives me a little more color in the colder months right now because I just lose all the color I got over the summer so quick that I essentially glow in the dark. 
All together, I really enjoy using this for my more natural days or just as a quick throw on so I look like I at least tried to put myself together in the morning lol. I'm not sure if I really felt the happiness part of the product but I do really enjoy the smell!

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