Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kiss® everEZlashes Review - Bride-to-be voxbox / Influenster

After application
 I received this product for free from Influenster ( as part of the Bride to be voxbox. If you'd like to know more about Influenster then click the link above or if you'd like to know more about Kiss everEZlashes click here :

Kiss everEZlashes are a new thing from Kiss, instead of normal false lashes which can be difficult for people to apply who are not use to the process, these have applicator strings on the corners of the lashes that can be removed when finished with application. The string helps you to get the lashes perfectly fit your eyes.

If you watch the video that is posted  here, you will be able to see a close up of the strings. They are really helpful because I am use to apply falsies and always have trouble getting them to perfectly line up to my lash line. With the everEZlashes, the strings made the center go on evenly then it was just a matter of holding down the corners for a few seconds and they were all set! I had a mistake on my end by getting some lash glue on the string so mine came out a bit ruff but that was a mistake on my end. The other side I did came off very easily without making a mess or pulling the lashes.
Why I like this idea of the string applicators is because it makes me able to do my makeup before applying lashes which if you've worn them before, can make eyeliner and shadow difficult to do but without having the string applicators, there a big potential to mess up your eyeshadow if you cannot get your lashes on correctly or if they move, I didn't have that problem with the everEZlashes.
These lashes do come with lash glue but I could not use it because the packaging did not say if it was latex free or not (however I found out later that it IS latex free) and I have very sensitive eyes so I didn't want to test my luck before I found out. I did however use the glue today and found that it is holding up well and has very good adhesive ability.
These lashes are very natural looking (made with actual human hair!) and are very soft and flexible. They are connected by a clear band so you don't need to apply eyeliner to make them blend! I found Kiss lashes at my local walmart but could not find the ones with applicator strings but the site says they retail for 3.99$ which is not a bad price because if you save the strings and use lashes on a daily basis so you are used to cleaning them properly, I was able to reuse mine though the packaging does not say reusable.
All in all I was very happy with this product and will be looking forward to trying more of Kiss lashes now that I've tried these! I've used the nails before but this is the first I've noticed that they made lashes and such nice ones too. :)

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