Monday, October 1, 2012


After waiting for what seems like forever, Influenster finally updated their website!
The very first thing that a lot of people noticed is that Influenster has made themselves more selective of who can become a member. Instead of being able to just sign up for an account, now you must either request and invite or know someone already on the site! I think this was a smart move as it lets them weed out duplicate accounts.
Another big change is how the site is laid out. While I was very confused at first, I soon figured out how to maneuver around with ease. You can more easily find your standing with Influenster and about upcoming voxboxes/brand challenges. That leads me into another thing: Influenster scores. These scores that are now on every profile show a collective of points you've earned by doing various things such as reviews, badges, challenges, and so forth. Everyone can see your score so it's made it more competitive because there will always be someone who wants to be at the top!
A lot more activities and ways to interact have been added along with the site re-launch: You can now add a product to write a review about it, so any everyday product that you know and love to things you just tried, you can now review them... It also helps your score! This is pretty cool because before you were very limited by what you could review so it was difficult to constantly do things on the site.
Another change that took place was the badge system, not all badges were retired but some went away in place of more defined badges or more general ones to encompass a larger collective rather than small sub category. While this was somewhat frustrating because it meant going through a lot of surveys again and it was hard to figure out what all badges you had so far, it was a good change because now they have more specific information that could help some people in the future of getting a voxbox that's perfect for them! There are also different areas of badges where you can only be an expert in certain fields, this helps to keep people to their strengths when reviewing products and gives everyone a fair shot and a chance to review something they'd love.
All in all, I like the new site even if it is kind of difficult to get use to and I really enjoy doing all the new activities!

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