Sunday, October 21, 2012

Influenster Bride-to-be Voxbox Review

I got my Bride-To-Be voxbox from Influenster Http://
This is a quick overview of all of my products as I have made single separate posts about the individuals.

Kiss lashes

I really loved how soft these were and how easy they were to apply. They are made with real human hair so they don't get stiff or stuck in odd positions after you apply mascara. The applicator strings are helpful to get them to lay evenly through the middle though you still have to press down both of the ends. You do have to be careful not to get glue on the strings or otherwise it can be very difficult to pull them off the lashes after application. These come with latex free glue and you can see a lists of store that carry them from the link above.

Dream Water Snoozeberry

Like most people, I have a hard time not only finding time to sleep but when I do I have trouble actually getting to sleep. Dream Water is a 0 calorie all natural sleep aid. Once I used this product, I fell asleep in about 20 minutes and staid asleep all night and had no problem getting up in the morning, I wasn't groggy and I felt incredibly well rested. The Snoozeberry taste was not my favorite as it kind of tasted like a chewable vitamin but they do have other flavors that I would like to try like the pineapple. I also only used half of my bottle at a time rather than the whole thing and it still worked great for me.

Ivydate free membership

I gave this to my friend and she said that she enjoys using the service but as a chatting base only because there are not many people around her area that are on the site. This seems to be more of a large city type of thing. She said the site is easy to use and she has fun talking with new people.

Rescue gum

I used this all natural homeopathic stress relieving gum when I had tests and exams at school. It worked decently by helping me calm down a bit so I didn't stress as much because I am way too much of a try hard at school so I get all types of bent out of shape during exams. It's really easy to carry with you and has a slight citrus taste but I think most of the taste comes from the elderflower though I might be mistaken as I've never tried elderflower before so I'm not positive. The only negative that I had with this gum is that the flavor only lasted for a minute tops. The gum did work to reduce stress but it was very subtle and the effect was temporary, like an hour or so.

Schwarzkopf Professionals BC Repair Rescue Shampoo, conditioner, and split end treatment

This hair care line is from what I can tell a salon exclusive. I've tried to find were this product is sold but was unable to as their store locator was/is down. I really loved these products because when I used them together my hair was incredibly soft, shiny, and healthy. The smell on all of these products is typical of what you'd expect of salon products except the split end treatment which smells like it has a hint of coconut. My hair is noticeably more beautiful and I have a lot less split ends than normal since my last trim. I also have noticed that I have a lot less hair breakage than before.

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