Monday, October 1, 2012

EBOOST Energy Drink - NaturalsVoxbox'12

I received this in my NaturalsVoxbox from Influenster. Here is what they had to say about it:
EBOOST will boost your mood, focus, and immunity with natural ingredients and no crash. As a shot or an easy-to-mix powder in four flavors, you'll feel great whether you choose Orange, Pink Lemonade, Acai Pomegranate, or Super Berry.
My thoughts:
First I just want to say that I am not a huge fan of orange flavors (luckily they have others!) but this wasn't horribly strong so that is good! When I used EBOOST, I did feel more energized, it was comparable to consuming one can of an energy drink but without worrying about downing a bunch of sugar. It was really convenient to take to class with me and just pop it in a water bottle and it worked relatively quick. I did not experience a crash from using this and I stayed pretty energized all day, even after my work out. The price is comparable to energy shots in stores at 39$ for 30 pouches or 39$ for 12 shots here The pouches are actually really cheap if you divide the cost and then it brings it down to cheaper than a can of Monster except EBOOST is better for you! This also can help by boosting your immune system during flu season! It never hurts to take your vitamins, it's even better when they are put into a drink so you don't have to worry about remembering pills!

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