Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dream Water: Bride-to-be Voxbox Review!

I received this product for free from Influenster as part of the Bride to be voxbox program.

I got this bottle of Dream Water in Snoozeberry flavor in my B2B voxbox. It is an ALL NATURAL sleep aid/relaxation shot. This product is meant for people who have stressful lives or to counteract the energy drink/coffee you had in the morning. It's a zero calorie shot and is supposed to help you become relaxed and able to fall asleep in 30mintues. Find Dream Water here. You can also find Dream water at many of your local stores including Walmart and Walgreens. Depending on how you buy they look to be around 3$-3.50$

I split my 2.5 oz. bottle into 2 servings even though it is meant as one but I've used other relaxation drinks in the past and have had bad experiences before so I wanted to be cautious. I was surprised that after about 20-25 minutes, I totally just passed out! I slept like the dead for a solid 9 hours! I normally always wake up and move around or get woken up or just lay in bed for hours unable to sleep because I'm trying to unwind but with this I was just out! I woke up feeling so much better than I have in awhile and I think it's because I stayed asleep all night for a change. I felt so refreshed and awake right when I got up which was a huge difference, the same happened the next night that I took the rest as well!
I wasn't a huge fan of the blueberry/pomegranate flavor but it wasn't the worst I've had and it wasn't unbearable plus that was some of the best sleep ever! They also sell these in other flavors as well such as pineapple and lemon. I totally recommend trying some out if you could use the extra ZZzz's, traveling, or just want to relax!

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