Monday, October 1, 2012

Dish Drying Mat - NATURALSVOXBOX'12

I received this from Influenster as part of the NATURALSVOXBOX.
This is what Influenster had to say about the Dish Drying Mat:

The Original Dish Drying Mat is a unique, laminated design that combines a thin layer of foam between two layers of high quality, super absorbent microfiber for a new dish washing experience that conserves energy and paper towels by air drying, and saves water by hand-washing.

My Thoughts:
I took the plastic bottom liner off of my dish strainer today when I did the dishes, I placed the Dish Drying Mat under it. The mat helped with making the counter more spacious since I use to use towels to prop up the tray so the water drained instead of sitting on the liner. This product really did soak up all of the water without making a mess, since the microfiber draws the moister to it my dishes dried faster and I could finish the rest without either waiting for them to dry or having to hand dry them. Since the mat is washer safe, I don't have to worry about it becoming smelly because I can just stick it in the laundry :). With the mat only costing 4.99$ here, It's a great idea for dorm living and to save space on counters. By being able to wash this it also seems more sanitary than constantly loading up the plastic strainer because who knows what's been setting there!
This product also helps to eliminate the need to use paper towels or regular towels to dry your dishes which helps save energy and paper :) I personally never use a dish washer but I bet this could make a great alternative that not only saves on energy but also water waste by washing the dishes by hand.

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