Monday, October 1, 2012

CleanWell Hand Wipes - NATURALSVOXBOX'12

I received this product from Influenster as part of the Naturalsvoxbox. This is what Influenster had to say about it:
Influenster: CleanWell wipes clean up messes and kill germs with all natural ingredients that are easy on the earth. Their mild ingredients are great for hands and faces, and the one-use packet is ideal for all your on-the-go activities!
My thoughts:
Let me start by saying that these wipes do not have alcohol in them so I can actually use them! I have a really bad issue with dry skin so I normally cannot use most hand sanitizers because my skin will crack and peel. I used this wipe and not only did it smell good but it left my skin feeling very soft and clean (I even used it on my face!) You can buy these by the box and they come individually wrapped so they are very convenient to carry around in case of an emergency or just having to touch a lot of gross things in public, ha!
The sample I got was  the original which smells kind of like lemon, it wasn't over powerful and it was nice to use after I demolished an elephant ear at the fair. This made it so I wasn't swarmed by bees because of all the sugar and goey stuff I got plastered on me from the food lol, total lifesaver! You can purchase some here

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