Friday, October 5, 2012

RESCUE Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum - Bridetobe Voxbox

That ^ is my video review of Bach Rescue Remedy Gum in Orange and Elderflower, I received this product in my bride-to-be voxbox from Influenster ( If you'd like to know more about Influenster then send me a message or leave a comment or visit the webpage posted :)

I got my box at the start of the week and have been taking this gum to school with me to use before tests or before studying so I can relax. The whole point of the Rescue gum is to help you focus and relieve stress, this is considered a homeopathic medicine. I've used approx. 6-7 pieces now and I have to say that this stuff does help. While I didn't notice a HUGE change, I did notice that I worried less before taking my exams this week, I didn't worry as much after I was done either because I was able to think more clearly because I wasn't so worked up.
The flavor of the gum comes from the gel/oil center and it is supposed to be a mix of different herbal remedies from Bach. The flavor didn't last very long though, about a minute tops, it was also a big strange, not in a bad way but it was just a new experience as I've never tasted elderflower before and I felt as though that over powered the orange flavor in it.
The gum comes in small pieces in a small box and retails for 5.95$, I tried locating this product in stores and was unable to though I did find a lot of vitamin shops online that are selling this and also the products webpage
If you enjoy chewing gum and tend to hit stressful times or have anxiety issues then you should for sure try this as it's worth a shot because it worked for me. This is also a better alternative than unhealthy habits people tends to pick up to reduce stress.

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