Sunday, September 11, 2011

Start of zombie tattoo sleeve w/ zombie bite!

This is the epic start of my future zombie sleeve! I am so excited that I felt the need to use my blog for something other than make up! I am a hardcore zombie fanatic and I've had the bite tattoo on my back for a little while now and I've wanted to do something with it and could never make up my mind how I wanted to blend it with anything. What you see here is, Andrew Enos' art. I gave him a vague idea of what I wanted and he made this epicness! If you're in the Kalamazoo area in Michigan, you should check this guy out because he's pretty much phenomenal. 
This is the shop he works at, HERE.


  1. what is it? Do you like tattoos huh? If I was horrified when tidal tattoos like that. And you ladies

    1. I love tattoos, what does being a lady have anything to do about it? They are zombies, I love zombies, I wanted it to look horrifying, that was most decidedly the point.