Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ulta Extreme Wear Matte Finish Mousse Blush in Pink Glow Review

 Note: I Purchased this with my own money and am in no way compensated for my time or review by any company.

Let me mention this: I am not a person who is big into blush/bronzer/foundation, or anything that is a general face product. I really only bought this product because Ulta was running a special for a free make up bag when you purchased X amount of products. I figured I'd give this a

try since it wasn't an overly bright color and, well, why not?

The packaging is nice, it's a small glass container with a heavy sleek plastic lid, it feel and looks expensive which is always good.
This product feels pretty really silky and goes on very smooth and lightweight. It has a nice soft pink color to it, however it does have a lot of glitter in it. I really like the color but it's just too sparkly for me, to be honest. I've
worn this all day and not had a problem with it fading, it doesn't make my skin break out either (I have mega sensitive skin) which is always a plus and the main reason why I normally don't wear face products.  The only real issue I have with this is the amount of glitter in it.

I'd give this a 3.7/5. It's a nice formula and shows up very well on me, the packaging is also nice and solid, but I am just not a fan with the amount of glitter in this at all.

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