Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tarte True Blood Palette Review

Note: I bought this with my own funds and am in no way compensated for my time or review by any company!

Initial thoughts:
When I first checked this palette out at Sephora, I knew I had to have it! The packaging was really interesting and the shadows that come in this palette are all new and exclusive to this palette! I was super excited to get home and try it! I did not purchase the cheek stain, lip pencil, or lip stain because I found them to be much to bright for my taste, the cheek stain was very glittery as well and I just wasn't very fond of it but I did love the colors in the palette.

Color Review:
The Light: This is a pretty basic white shadow with a nice iridescent shimmer to it. It works well as a highlight but is ultra shimmery.
Fairy: This is a pale pink with a bit of green shimmer in it, very pretty on the palette but the color doesn't show well when applied, it's mostly just a shimmer.
Dusk: A matte fleshy color, a bit tan but it applies relatively light compared to what it looks like.
Dawn: A tan/pale gold shimmer shadow.
Werewolf: Dark matte brown.
Waitress: Beautiful pale pink with lots of glitter!
Noctural: A very dark blue with a hint of purple, light shimmer, I had to apply a few layers of this to get it to show properly.
Charmer: Pale rose color with heavy glitter.
Glamour Me: Dark purple with pink/red shimmer
Stake: Matte steel color.
Bayou: Light gold color w/ Shimmer.
Telepath: Rose colored with heavy shimmer.
The True Death: Very metallic silver.
Immortal: Black with multi colored shimmer.
Moss: Super shimmery forest green.
Legend: Matte black
"V": This is my favorite shade! This is almost a rusty red with lots of red shimmer!

I used the primer that came with this palette for my swatches!

After Thoughts:
After checking everything out, I am not overly impressed with the few light shades just because they show up as a shimmer more so than color but I am over all impressed with this palette. I will for sure be using it on a regular basis as I am a HUGE fan of shimmery shadows and I am absolutely in love with "V". The packaging is really cute but a bit heavy, on the plus side it does come with a nice sized mirror!
The aqua-gel eyeliner is not impressive, it does show up very dark and goes on ultra smooth but even using it on my lower lash line and it irritated my eyes like no ones business! It also all came off the instant a tear touched it! I could see using it on my lip but other than that I won't have much of a use for it.
The mascara is pretty good but I am more impressed with the shadows to be honest, it applies well and is not clumpy at all which is always a plus.
The primer is actually pretty good and I have used this kind before so I know I like it a good amount, the only downside is it dries mega fast so you have to apply it fairly quick which for most people this would be a plus but I draw on my eyebrows so it always takes me a bit to maneuver around them. Other than that I never have a crease problem or fading so it works really well!
I would suggest getting this if you can get a hold of the palette as these colors are to be exclusive to this palette which is awesome and sad because I really am adoring the dark shimmers in this!
From left to right: The Light, Fairy, Dusk, Dawn, Werewolf, Waitress, Noctural, Charmer, Glamour Me, Stake, Bayou.

From left to right: Telepath, The true Death, Immortal, Moss, Legend, "V".
Swatch of the EmphasEYES aqua-gel liner and the Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara
This is what the palette looks like closed.

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