Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tarte EmphasEyes Natural eye liner pencil review

 Note: I purchased this with my own funds and in no way am compensated by any company for my review of said product.
Okay, this product is amazing. I really dislike using eye liner on my waterline because my eyes are super insane with the whole tearing up constantly. I typically end up looking like a raccoon within an hour. On top of this I have super sensitive eyes so most products burn the crap out of my eye when I apply them to my waterline. I can't use gel liners there because sadly my eyes burn like death when I do so.
I ended up going to Ulta to ask for suggestions because I 

was sick of using products that gathered in the corners of my eyes after an hour. I told them my endless list of problems and concerns and finally the worker suggested this product.
This is actually a pretty awesome liner and is made specifically for your waterline. It's all natural so it won't irritate sensitive eyes and it's really dark when applied. I've been wearing this for a few hours now and it has faded a bit but it hasn't collected at the corners of my eye and it hasn't smeared underneath my waterline at all. Once this stuff sets it's pretty permanent unless you use make up removed on it. This is a mega small liner though, the tip is seriously the
size of an average ball point pen. It glides on really smooth and does not feel tacky or anything, one pass and it was all on and super dark! I am pretty sure that I love this eyeliner and it's for sure good for people who have either sensitive eyes or watery ones. I give this a 4.5/5 the only reason it's marked down is because you get such a small amount (only .07 g.!) I bought this for 18$ at Ulta. With MACs pencil liner (mechanical) you get .35g for only 15$ so I do think it is a bit small on the size for the amount though it does work really well.

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Just swatched

After a few hours of wear, it's a bit faded but still visible and no clumps on my eye!
Taken of the swatched after I rubbed my hand raw trying to budge it!

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