Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

Tokyo on the left, Amsterdam on the right

Note: I purchased these with my own funds and am not sponsored or compensated for my time or review by any company.

Amsterdam on the left, Tokyo on the right (blended out)


Okay, admittedly I bought these because my friend rambled about them to me and told me that it was pretty odd how it went on like a gloss but felt and acted like regular lipstick. View her post on this here! I was thinking these might be like the MAC Kissable lipcolours.

Let me just get this out there now, THESE THINGS SMELL TERRIBLE! Seriously, I think they might have been going for a cake smell but they ended up smelling a lot like really stale/burnt cake. The packaging is pretty typical

The color pay off is actually pretty true to the color you see on the tube. You don't have to cake this stuff on, it's pretty pigmented. I really like these because they are not sticky or gooey when applied. (though I have noticed that they get a bit tacky after they sit for awhile.) They feel really silky and you can't really feel the actual product on your lips once it dries. The only real complaint (besides the smell) that I have with these is the Amsterdam, acted like a lip stain and even after I removed it my lips were tinted red. I've had the Tokyo on for a few hours and it's holding up pretty well, I haven't needed to reapply at all.

All in all I'd give these a 3.5/5, I'm marking it down due to the smell and the fact that they do stain your lips. I would for sure recommend them, if you can get over the smell they are a very good product!

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