Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hard Candy Lash Ink Review

Please note:
I purchased this product with my own funds and am not paid for my time or review by any company.
Pics below!

Let me start off by saying, THIS IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT! Seriously, I absolutely love this lash stain. I was skeptical about what it claimed since I am notorious for traumatizing my skin by the sheer amount that I scrub it and the fact that I shower multiple times a day. Let me just get to the actual review though.
The packaging is basic but pretty since it has the awesome foil print. I don't keep mine in the tube it came in just because it's bulky but the actually applicator is the exact same as the tube package.
I admittedly have only had this on for 2 days but in the course of those 2 days I have taken 4 showers and mercilessly scrubbed my face and have used make up remover on my eyes not to mention the multiple times I cleanse just my face during the day so these are the results of the wear a typical person would put on in about 4-5 days.
I found this product to be well worth the price as I really hate trying to get all my mascara off every night. This formula they use also does not stay on thick, actually it felt like nothing was on my lashes after my first shower! It did not clump when I applied it but it did however take a bit to fully dry which was the only downfall and that really didn't bother me at all. Normally I find it difficult to use mascara daily because when I go to wash it off it burns my eyes a bit, not sure if it's the amount of scrubbing it requires or just the formulas. This however is amazing since I don't have to re apply at all! I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who hates constantly applying mascara. Also another perk is that this does not run! I had absolutely no issue with mascara running when I showered or washed my face, it was awesome!

Just applied
The aftermath, please note that my eyelashes are naturally blonde!

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