Monday, August 15, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette Review

I bought this with my own funds. I am not being compensated in any way shape or form by any company and or person.

I've had this palette for a while now and just finally got around to reviewing it. I use this at least 2-3 times a week and it is by far one of my favorite purchases.
Pros: This palette is pretty affordable and it has a decent variety of colors and multiple shades of said colors so it's pretty easy to come up with some insane amount of combinations. Most of these shadows have good pigment and you don't need to cake on a lot of product. Some of the shadows have an absurd amount of glitter to them which will show through out the whole product and not just on the surface.
Cons: Some colors are chalky (mostly the lighter less shimmery shades.) The more glittery shadows will produce a bit of fall out. The pans are actually about the size of a dime.

I will be reviewing this on different color groups rather than going shadow by shadow.

While I use these mostly just has a brow highlight, they are probably the shadows I like the least in this palette. The colors are not very dominant and you mostly just see the shimmer. These also happen to be the shadows that are a bit chalky, as I said though they do work nice for a highlight.

Gold/Bronze/Brown: These shadows are my favorites out of this palette! The color pigments are amazing and they are super shimmery. Some of these shadows actually have glitter to them more so than shimmer but they still look phenomenal and show up with or without primer. These shades also happen to make up most of the palette so if you are someone who likes more neutral looks then this will be a great thing for you.

Orange/ Red: These are pretty similar to the golds but they do show up pretty vibrant in color when applied. I'm more of a fan of the darker shades in this palette because they show up well and most of them have the actual glitter in the shadows. This palette is lacking in the reds but the few they do give you are absolutely beautiful!There are not any bright reds but there are dark auburns and burnt reds. The palette also has a surprisingly large amount of orange shades, they range from dark to light but the darker ones tend to lean more to a red and the lighter ones lean closer to a pink but you can tell that they are dominantly orange. The lighter shades of orange are a bit chalky as well.

Pink/Purple: To clarify this right away: These shadows are incredibly pigmented and super shimmery! They show up ridiculously vibrant! I don't use these shadows often because of how intense the color is, the pinks have a orange undertone to them while the purples have blue undertones. They are very beautiful and when applied with primer have a dual chrome look to them, but as I said I don't use these colors often.

Green/Blue/Grey: These colors are a bit lacking in this palette, I was disappointed that it only came with a few greens. However, the greens and the one blue in this palette are very true to the color when applied. They are ultra shimmery and have a touch of grey in their shades. The greys in this palette are more of a silver color when applied, I think it's just due to the amount of shimmer but it's best to use them as a highlight rather than a shadow unless you are going for very metallic eyes.

All in all I really enjoy this palette and use it quite often. I'd definitely recommend it to people who enjoy more neutral shades but still like shimmer. These shadows work fine with or without primer and stay on a good while without having to reapply them or touch them up.

I swatched every shadow starting at the top row (going left to right).  These were done using a primer, some did not show well because of the amount of shimmer in the product, it wasn't working well with the camera.

1st row

2nd row

3rd row

4th row

5th row

6th row

7th row

8th row

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