Sunday, July 31, 2011

Purple Sunrise! W/ Ulta Cosmetics!

Things I used:

Ulta Eye shadows in: 
Cherry Bomb
Sugar Kiss in Shooting Star
E.l.f. Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara
N.Y.X. ESB 01 eye primer
Ulta Automatic eyeliner in Moss

1. Prime your lid just to your crease and then on the lower lash line as well.

2. Use the Cherry Bomb shadow on your inner corners of your eye. Top & bottom.

 3. Use a small amount of the Rockstar just behind the Cherry Bomb on the top and bottom.

4. Use the Turquoise behind the Rockstar.

5.Yarr! Pic be missin'! Add the Galaxy shadow to your outer corners on both the top and bottom, then blend everything! :)
5 1/2.  Use the Bloom shadow for your brow highlight, w/o primer this will show as a very sheer pale shine.

6. Add Lashes, mascara (I used E.L.F. in black) then curl!

7. Use a glitter liner on your upper lash line just from your inner corner and stop at the beginning of your lashes. Use this on the lower lash line at the outer corner as well. I used Sugar Kiss in Shooting Star.

8. Line your water line on the upper and lower lashes. I used Ulta eye liner in Moss

This will show up a very vibrant blend of purple as pictured at the top, unfortunately my phone refuses to work with artificial light.

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